Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is provided to the sponsored child?


What do I receive when I become a sponsor?

Every new sponsor receives a welcome packet that includes a photo of the student as well as stationery to send your first letter


How often can I write?

Letters and cards can be sent at any time, either through postal mail or electronically through our Sponsorship Program portal. The students’ responses will be collected and sent out on a quarterly basis. Letter and cards are a great opportunity to encourage and uplift your sponsor child with words of affirmation, sharing testimony of God’s faithfulness, and challenging the student in both their school studies and their walk with God.


Can I send gifts to the child I sponsor?

Yes! If you choose to send a gift to your sponsored student, we ask that it be sent only for your student's birthday (your child’s birth date is readily available on their sponsorship page when you click their photo).  We recommend sending a birthday gift a couple months before the student's actual birthday. This will help the student receive their gift around their actual birthday, but if it can't be done, know that each student greatly welcomes a “belated birthday gift.”  The entire gift must fit into one 9½” x 12½” envelope.  


A Note about Postal Mail: The DR does not have a postal mail system. As such, every card and gift sent to Makarios must be sent in visiting mission teams and/or Makarios staff luggage. Due to limited amount of luggage space, it is imperative that the gift fits in one 9½” x 12½” envelope.

Can I send a Christmas gift?

The best time to send a gift is for the child’s birthday. Gifts are not typically given or received in our Makarios communities for Christmas. Culturally, Christmas in the DR is a time to spend with family and share a special meal together.


What are a few suggestions for gifts/letters?

Our students love to receive toys, stickers, clothes, books written in Spanish, and photos of their sponsors! We kindly ask sponsors not to send candy, food, battery operated toys, pretend weapons, and/or electronics.  


Where should I send a letter or birthday gift?

To the following address:

Makarios Sponsorship- Your Sponsored Student's Name

1801 E. 51st Street, Ste. 365-300

Austin, TX 78723


How long does it take for a child to receive a card or gift that I sent?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months. We do not have a mailing service to the DR but instead rely on groups or staff members to bring mail with them in their luggage.


Can I visit the child I sponsor?

YES! Having a sponsor visit is an unforgettable experience that blesses both you and the child. Contact us to plan your sponsor trip!


Still have questions?

Contact us at sponsorship@makdr.org to find out more